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Hi, my name is Carmy.

Hi I'm Carmy and I have always been fascinated by how the human brain works and the human psyche and so I followed this path and gained a BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology. I have always wanted to help people and be of service to others by providing support, motivation, inspiration, coaching and mentoring in order to empower others to help them live happier lives, and to help people reach their goals.  I have experience in many diverse fields helping others, including: health promotion, nutrition, young offender adviser in the prison service, providing health advice and support to children in schools and also as a youth worker. Currently, I work for the Open University managing the curriculum and development of Psychology courses for students online. In addition to my work experience, I have also lived a rich life full of many diverse experiences, including divorce and bereavement which have consequently led me to find my passion and purpose in life, which is to inspire, empower and transform children's lives. My coaching empowers children to lead happier, more motivated and inspired lives. I find this work so unbelievably rewarding knowing that I am changing lives not just for now but also for future generations. 


I called my business Carmy’s Calm Kids Life Coaching and at the heart of what I do is my purpose to provide children with the tools and skills they need to create a positive physical, and mental well-being.  Essentially these tools and skills empower them to learn to deal with lifes’ challenges in a much more positive and healthy way, and empower THEM to be their own PROBLEM-SOLVERS. 

My coaching provides many positive benefits to both children and parents by providing the tools to deal with family issues and challenges such as; negative thinking, low mood, stress and anxiety, peer pressure, self-confidence, self-love, separation and divorce.  My niche is incorporating CALMING techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, within my coaching sessions, along with MEDITATION Kids have a lot of stress going on in their fast-paced lives and EFT is a very powerful healing modality that children and young people can learn very quickly and is scientifically-proven to calm the body and mind. Fantastic for kids and kids really enjoy it, just read my testimonials to see why!

Kids life coaching will not only help motivate and encourage children to be more confident in using the tools to overcome life’s challenges and setbacks, but children will share what they have learnt with their parents, which will relieve anxieties and pressures felt by other family members also. As a kid’s life coach, I am a neutral mentor and I work alongside parents to coach their children. The benefits of this are magical and help alleviate the pain that is often felt as parents, the ‘tearing your hair out moments’ where you wish there was a FAIRY GODMOTHER who could turn it all around. My unique ability to achieve this comes from a similar place and the pain that I once found myself in; my own personal journey. Following a divorce and losing my best friend, my mum, in the same year, I felt totally isolated throughout the whole grieving experience.  I suddenly found myself as single mother of two beautiful children struggling to cope positively with everyday life. I suffered from anxiety myself as I was surviving each day but not really enjoying my life or feeling happy as I had my own healing and grieving to get through, as well as serve my children the best I could.  As parents I believe that we all thrive to do our best! It was so hard though as I missed my mum terribly because she had always been there for me and my children and I needed and wanted someone to help me cope with my life to relieve the pressure. I wanted to better serve my children so that they could learn the skills that I felt unable to teach at the time because life was too much, and I just felt so overwhelmed. I wish I had a kid’s life coach at the time to help with the additional skills that my children would have benefited from at the time to cope with the challenges and the bereavements, the grieving and dealing with all of the curve balls that life was throwing at us.  I needed a fairy godmother! Someone like me !

From my personal experience, I now understand that as parents we all welcome that extra support when raising children because it is true, you cannot do it all alone, or if you try to, then it really is a struggle at times. And there is strength in asking for help and support. I learnt some very valuable lessons from my experiences and learnt a lot about how to overcome anxiety.  I understood that as parents you need a lot of support, advice and resources to help with certain issues because you cannot learn everything about parenting from just a book, that’s all theory and we all understand that in practice it’s not as easy! Children need tangible tools and the knowledge to practise the skills to become stronger human beings inside, and to learn to control how they react to stressful situations that life brings.  Coaching and empowering children takes time and is SO important because it provides them with the tools to protect their MINDS and their mental health, not just at a young age, but the tools I coach will benefit children for LIFE.

The most amazing part of all of this is that it was my two beautiful children who pulled me through and kept me strong through the tough times that we shared. Children are so adaptable and have so much potential and strength, and underneath all of the stresses, anxiety and any other BEHAVIOUR that is often displayed, children have a true inner wisdom and understanding and they want to make their parents happy and be happy themselves; we just have to show them the way. I miss my mum terribly but I know that she made me the strong woman that I am today and she was my INSPIRATION and that is why I chose a pink butterfly as part of my logo, because this represents my MUM who empowered and helped me transform, and now I am passing this on to other children by empowering and helping them to TRANSFORM. I am your fairy godmother after all...

My Special Interests:

• Empowering young people to deal with ANXIETY
• Supporting children to develop a positive mindset

• Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) healing technique
• Meditation and Mindfulness for relaxation and CALM
• Empowering young people to deal with STRESS 

My Training:

• Certified with Distinction as a Kids Life Coach
• BSc Hons degree in Psychology

​• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Level 3 Advanced     Practitioner 

​• Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration

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