What do I do as a Kids Life Coach?


At the heart of what I do is my purpose to provide children with the tools and  skills they need to put in place to create positive mental well-being and to empower them to become the leaders of their own lives and reach their full potential.

As a world-class kid’s life coach, I work alongside parents, caregivers and schools to coach children. The benefits of this are magical and help alleviate the pain that is often felt as parents and caregivers and the frustration, sadness and anger that is often felt by children.  The moments when you wish you could re-connect with children in a calm and positive way and help them feel happier and confident again. 

This is where coaching comes in and as a coach I will act as a neutral mentor and offer a confidential safe space for your child.  My own personal experience has shown me that it is difficult to coach your own children because there are many emotions involved and this can put pressure on you as a family.  It is often easier for children to talk to someone who is not related to them or the issue. I can help children by empowering them with new life skills to deal with problematic issues, circumstances and challenges.  Often also as parents and caregivers we don’t have the time or the know-how to be able to do this, as I experienced with my own children. Even as adults we need guidance and support through challenging times, and I feel it is even more important for children to receive coaching to learn life long tools and skills, and this is why I am so passionate about my job as a coach. My mission is to empower young people and enable a state of calmness and peace to as many children as possible in my local community and intervene at a young age, to prevent negative mental health in the future.

My coaching space allows me to work with children to allow them to open up and explore their issues and to connect with them in a fun and calm way.  In my coaching sessions, I will share with them the tools they need to help them manage and deal with any areas in their lives that may be causing them stress, anxiety, sadness or negativity. These thoughts and feelings can affect how we behave and often stop us from enjoying life or making good healthy choices.   I tailor make the coaching sessions uniquely to each child with the goal of empowering them to make some positive life changes using fun activities and calming techniques. My coaching sessions always end with a relaxation activity to calm the mind and body. I am a Reiki practitioner and Reiki has an amazing calming effect on children, so I do offer Reiki in my coaching sessions, if you so wish.

My coaching sessions will include the following:


  • fun and interactive activities

  • adventure based home activities

  • discussing the future and making goals

  • working with children to develop their strengths

  • helping children to find their own solutions to challenges rather than provide the answers

  • working in collaboration with parents and caregivers providing feedback on the coaching sessions

  • developing skills to put in place good positive life choices

  • relaxation and calming techniques, including Reiki


The BENEFITS of coaching for your children


  • increase in self-confidence

  • empowering a positive attitude

  • increase in self-esteem

  • tools to manage challenges

  • techniques to manage anxiety

  • tangible tools to manage negative thoughts

  • improvement in social skills

  • more effective communication skills

  • self-motivation

  • inspiration

  • relaxation skills

  • calming techniques

  • learning about empathy

  • learning to be grateful

  • being more responsible

  • teaching resilience

  • increase in focus and concentration

  • strengthening your inside world

  • general stress and anxiety

  • dealing with separation/divorce

  • tools to deal with bereavement

  • tools to deal with peer pressure and social media / friendship / school pressures

My coaching is of high quality and value and based on proven evidence based research theories that delivers SUCCESSFUL RESULTS !


The Coaching Programmes


One month programme 

4 x weekly sessions 


Three month programme

4 x weekly sessions PLUS

4 x fortnightly maintenance sessions

Group workshops available on enquiry

My coaching will provide many positive benefits to both children and parents by providing the tangible tools to deal with family issues and challenges such as negative thinking, low mood, stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are my particular interests and my niche is incorporating CALMING techniques including Reiki within my coaching. (this is optional)


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