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Client Testimonials

I would definitely recommend Carmy! She is so lovely and has made a huge difference in my son's confidence and positivity.
He was diagnosed with a chronic illness in February and was becoming very annoyed, anxious and depressed.
The coaching sessions are fun & interactive & he looked forward to seeing Carmy each week.
Carmy has kept me well informed of the topics discussed and goals he has set himself.
It's been a brilliant experience for us and I am so grateful that Carmy came into our lives, at a time where we were all beginning to struggle and really needed somebody outside of the family to help my son see that he really is amazing and he can cope with anything life throws at him!
Thank you Carmy & i wish you so much luck with your new venture x

‘I would definitely recommend Carmy as a life coach, she has a nice calming voice and the activities we do are fun. I especially like the finger thumb game!
The tools are fun and my favourites are the ball that changes colour and the squishy brain!
The best bit for me is the mind holidays as they are relaxing and the calm music is nice.
Before Carmy helped me I got annoyed easily. She made me a better person and I feel happy again. I think she would help other children to chill out and have zeal for life too’

Leo aged 10

Wow what can say, I've noticed a huge difference in --- confidence and positivity since you started coaching him just 4 weeks ago!

He is trying to be healthier by eating more fruit and complains less at mealtimes, even his brother has noticed an improvement!! He has asked to try Apricots, popcorn and raspberries and trying new foods before was unheard of due to anxiety.

He no longer talks down about himself and has a noticeable inner confidence.

He's happier with our bedtime routine with the introduction of the mind holiday and settles/falls asleep easier.

Mornings are, on most occasions, much easier and he often gets up and dressed without a battle.

He's loved the sessions with you and even on a day where he was feeling at his lowest, he came home feeling positive and happy.
He enjoys telling me about his sessions and his folder, and doing the activities you set him each week.
You have kept me well informed of the topics discussed and goals he has set himself.

It's been a brilliant experience for him and I am grateful that this coaching opportunity has arisen at a time in his life where he was beginning to struggle and he really needed somebody outside of the family to help him see he really is amazing and he's got this!

Thank you so much.

Alison Greene  recommends Carmy's Calm Kids Life Coaching.

June 2 · 

June 2020

My daughter who is 9 years old has really struggled since her Dad and I divorced nearly 3 years ago. She has been steadily getting worse, struggling to come to terms with all the stresses that two separate homes brings. She used to be a confident, happy young girl, but has over time got less and less confident, and in her words, ‘she is sad’. Having a child who is 90% of the time unhappy has been a challenge for us all. I could see that her unhappy and negative state of mind was affecting her overall mental health and sought recommendations in the local area for a child counsellor. When somebody suggested using a Kids Life coach , called Carmy, I thought this could be just the help she needed.
So we enrolled for a course of 4 sessions, all done safely over Zoom to comply with CV19. Very quickly after a couple of sessions with Carmy, our daughter’s bedtime routine started to improve significantly. What was a 2 hour nightly session with lots of tears and sadness, had transformed into a structured, calm and quick ‘normal’ bedtime routine. Her whole body language started to change, she wanted to get involved with things around the house, there was a skip in her step, and she was very easily building positive relations with everybody in the house, as she felt her self worth improve. Using a number of techniques, Carmy has in just 4 short weekly sessions, been able to unlock her sadness, improve her positive thoughts about herself and those around her, boost her confidence and most importantly she has become a happier child. Everybody wants their kids to have happy memories as a child, and thanks to Carmy , I now feel confident that our daughter is back on the right path! I cannot recommend Carmy highly enough.

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